Hearing research at Nottingham BRC

CROSSSD Study is drawing on global expertise to tackle Single Sided Deafness

Single Sided Deafness (SSD) refers to the condition where there is normal or near-normal hearing in one ear and a severe to profound hearing impairment in the other ear.

Good hearing in both ears is important for everyday listening tasks such as understanding speech in noisy environments and locating oncoming traffic.

Researchers don’t yet agree on what benefits and harms (known as ‘outcomes’) should always be assessed when evaluating whether or not a treatment for SSD has worked. These inconsistencies hinder progress to find the most effective treatment.

The CROSSSD study will work closely with patients and professionals across the world who are all experts in Single Sided Deafness. We will find agreement on what outcomes are critical and important for SSD.

This PhD project (2017-2022) is supported by the NIHR Nottingham BRC and follows methods developed by the COMET initiative (MRC North West Hub for Trials Methodology).

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