Research Infrastructure

Our research benefits from our contribution to a number of local collaborations and national centres of excellence based in Nottingham.

Molecular diagnostics

We are an integral part of the Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node (NMPN) leading the field in translational molecular diagnostic capabilities.
The NMPN is one of six nodes funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to develop molecular pathology tests which will help deliver better targeted, more effective treatments – known as ‘stratified medicine’ – across a wide range of disease areas.

The NMPN is based at the University of Nottingham Clinical Sciences Building at Nottingham City Hospital.

Centres of excellence

Our researchers contribute to and are at the centre of developing a number of national centres of excellence for our specialist areas of research:

Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre

The Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre investigates the mechanisms that lead to the chronic pain experienced by sufferers of arthritis, in order to improve the treatment of that pain.

Arthritis Research UK Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis

The Arthritis Research UK Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis is led by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust in collaboration with Arthritis Research UK and is a consortium of six Universities: Bath, Leeds, Loughborough, Nottingham, Oxford and Southampton.

It combines a group of world-leading researchers in sport and exercise medicine and science, bone and cartilage biology, orthopaedics, rheumatology, nutrition, skeletal muscle biology, psychology, physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy, medicine, epidemiology, bioengineering and physiology.

University of Nottingham School of Computer Science

The world-leading research tackles difficult real-world problems that often have high impact on industry, commerce and the public. It involves a shared ethos of ‘computing in the world’, in which fundamental advances in computer science are connected to knowledge and methods from other disciplines to enable deep collaborations with research users in diverse sectors.

Centre for Healthcare Technologies

The Centre for Healthcare Technologies (CHT) is a unique collaboration between The University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. The Centre addresses major healthcare challenges through technology innovations, creating a pathway from science through to clinical application with the aim of rapidly translating scientific discoveries into healthcare.