Innovation funding

An important part of our contribution as a Biomedical Research Centre is the financial and professional support we are investing to develop new skills, methodologies, knowledge and expertise.

The Nottingham Innovation Fund was set up in our first year to support both innovation and career development for BRC-affiliated clinicians, research nurses, scientists, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), other non-medical professions engaged in research, and research administrators. It fast-tracks collaborative research trials working with industry and across other Biomedical Research Centres to produce novel science, data or to enable further research to be advanced.

2017/18 Innovation Fund

A new MRI-based disease measure in Ulcerative Colitis – Optimisation studies in Healthy Volunteers

Core Outcome Measures in Tinnitus–International Measurements for Pharma (COMiT–IMP)

Cross-modal plasticity: predicting outcomes of cochlear implants in the deaf

The role of gut microbiome in chronic inflammatory disease

2018/19 Innovation Fund

Identification of metabolic signatures of inactivity induced skeletal muscle insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis

The identification of patients who have acquired hearing loss and/or tinnitus associated with platinum- based chemotherapy in the CPRD and cancer (SACT) datasets

MRI changes in visceral fat in Crohn’s Disease

Establishment of an asthma register in Havana Cuba, to support an application to the MRC Global Health Trials Scheme for an asthma trial in a developing country

Robust quantification of cerebrovascular reactivity for use in clinical research

Identification of the therapeutic potential of novel asthma (anti-IL33) therapy in rhinoviral induced airway epithelial activation

Non-invasive Glutathione a measure of oxidative stress for neurological disorder clinical interventions

Safety of atypical antipsychotic use in children and adolescents: two cohort studies using the QResearch database

Investing in the future of translational research

Our commitment to the next generation of research and researchers is also being delivered through:

  • Dedicated research fellowships
  • Our strategic partnerships regionally and nationally
  • Reinvesting in our research themes, to ensure a sustainable pipeline of innovation, collaboration and break-through science