Nottingham has a history of breakthrough discoveries and continues to be a leading centre for research and discovery science.

It hosts one of the fastest growing Life Science clusters in the UK. The city employs 38,000 people across 14,000 Life Science and Healthcare related companies, and Nottingham and the East Midlands has the second highest cluster of MedTech companies in the UK with around 400 companies based in the city.

Nottingham is home to BioCity, one of Europe’s largest life science business incubators. It houses over 200 businesses employing over 600 people in cutting-edge industries of advanced biopharma and medical technologies. MediCity is based within the Nottingham Enterprise Zone. It benefits from co-location with Boots which brings expertise of the global healthcare sector, including access to innovation and product development knowledge, as well as supply chain expertise.

Working with industry

We offer industry partners the rapid translation of research into standard clinical practice, made possible through the expertise, knowledge and infrastructure that we have in Nottingham.

We offer:

  • Extensive research infrastructure and project management expertise
  • A 200-strong workforce of research nurses within the Nottingham clinical trials unit with experience in developing and delivering trials with industry
  • Access to a population of over 3 million, with ethnic and socioeconomic diversity including well characterised patient cohorts
  • Data and IP sharing platforms with an open innovation policy with our commercial partners
  • Patient involvement: we have developed a highly successful model of joint working with Bayer for paediatric trials which we aim to expand across our commercial collaborators
  • Access to our extensive Pathogen Bank
  • Access to funding and a financial risk sharing model via the Nottingham Innovation Fund: in Nottingham we have experience of supporting SMEs to grow via a combination of venture capital and council funding

Expertise in Medical Devices

Together with the Centre for Healthcare Technologies we provide a unique opportunity to work with some of the leading healthcare technology scientists. The Centre specialises in six areas of development:

  • Sensing and imaging
  • Diagnostics and decisions support
  • Human factors
  • Device design and manufacture
  • Orthopaedic devices
  • Paediatric healthcare technologies

For more information

Our leadership team includes national and international expertise in working with industry. Please contact us to discuss your needs:

Dr Maria Koufali
Managing Director of Research and Innovation

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
Email: Maria Koufali