Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Nottingham’s expertise in translational imaging will enable step-changes in medical treatment and understanding of disease mechanisms

Our cross cutting MRI theme is a strategic initiative designed to support and drive innovative imaging approaches in all of our research themes.

Our MRI theme builds on internationally recognised expertise in the development of novel MRI approaches and state of the art facilities.

The theme utilises novel approaches arising from development work in the multidisciplinary Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, a world-leading centre for MRI research, bringing together expertise and a critical mass of MRI physicists and leading clinical academics.

Our overall ambition is to spearhead the development of MRI to gain relevant information on organ functional and metabolism, and latent pathophysiological processes for experimental medicine studies and to enable pre-emptive and personalised medicine.

Magnetic resonance imaging is a model tool for experimental medicine and early clinical trials. The use of MRI in these studies will allow translation of discovery science into patient benefit, whilst also allowing researchers to investigate the mechanisms underlying a range of treatments.

The imaging research theme will develop the following translational approaches:

  • Combining advances in imaging technology with biomedical research in order to develop markers of key disease processes
  • Building upon current strengths in identifying key disease risk factors and combining these with imaging markers
  • Back-translating effective treatments to identify imaging markers that can be used in subsequent studies to assess novel treatment effects

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