Our infrastructure

Nottingham has a long track record of being at the forefront of biomedical imaging and in particular MRI development.

Substantial investment by the Medical Research Council and the University of Nottingham has created an environment that is uniquely equipped to drive imaging innovation for experimental medicine. SPMIC’s range of unique and cutting-edge scanning and supporting equipment include MultiX capability at 7T, a SpinLab polariser, a CTIMP hyperpolarised 129Xe facility with MHRA-manufacturing site approval, upright and wide-bore MRI scanners and new patient-friendly areas for children with a mock scanner to improve patient acceptability of MRI.

The multidisciplinary team of medical and application based-staff provide an ideal platform to use advanced MR imaging. This translational imaging is able to support studies ranging from pre-clinical models of disease through to clinical trials. Together with specialists from other medical fields, this combined approach will drive the acceleration of new discoveries.