Musculoskeletal Disease

Personalised treatments will transform arthritis care for millions of patients

One in five people in the UK visits their GP due to age-related musculoskeletal diseases. Musculoskeletal diseases affect the skeleton, joints and muscles encompassing around 200 different conditions. Around 10 million adults and 12,000 children have a musculoskeletal condition in England today. With associated comorbidities (cardiovascular, metabolic, obesity, neurological, mental health), these diseases increasingly result in pain, disability and a loss of independence.

The Musculoskeletal theme builds on our strengths in mechanistic studies and novel biochemical, imaging and clinical technologies to develop targeted approaches for delivery of interventions, and to evaluate personalised intervention packages matched to individuals with musculoskeletal conditions and comorbidities.
Five new programmes of research, all dedicated to understanding musculoskeletal disease and its contributory factors, will accelerate the translation of treatments from the laboratory to the clinic.
The five research programmes are:

  • phenotyping and outcome measurement
  • the joint
  • metabolism
  • brain, nerve and psychosocial function
  • complex treatment packages

Our research is closely integrated with the cross-cutting Imaging theme.

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