Our infrastructure

The musculoskeletal research theme provides a platform for translating outputs from Nottingham’s world-class discovery science programmes to offer people more personalised treatments.

Our multidisciplinary expertise places us in an ideal position to develop phenotyping tools and outcome measures from laboratory prototypes. Our front-line clinical teams enable us to validate our research in a range of clinical settings to ensure that the right people can access the right treatments at the right time.

Musculoskeletal problems are driven by multiple underlying mechanisms, which differ between individuals despite often being shared between diagnostic groups. Our comprehensive mechanistic understanding and world-class biochemical, imaging and clinical technologies are enabling us to develop and evaluate novel interventions matched to individual patients.
Our research priorities have been developed through working with and listening to people affected by musculoskeletal problems. We are working in partnership with a group of over 90 patients and carers to ensure our research continues to meet their needs. One of the highest priorities identified by patients is dealing with their increasing pain, disability and distress that result from living with musculoskeletal conditions.
All of our research will help to support people with long-term conditions as identified in Domain 2 of the NHS Outcomes Framework.

Collaboration with national and international partners

Our musculoskeletal research theme is building on the experience gained from our broad portfolio of translational/clinical efficacy studies, and from our successful commercial partnerships. We actively work with the commercial sector from small to medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) through major international pharmaceutical companies to help develop biomarkers and treatments from laboratory into clinical practice. Our international academic collaborations bring together leaders from across the world.
The musculoskeletal theme has grown out of the research priorities of our partner institutions, including translational imaging, ageing, musculoskeletal health and in wellbeing. Our research also complements and synergises with related industry, research council and health charity programmes in Nottingham including: