Associate Professor Stam Sotiropoulos - Nottingham BRC

Stam Sotiropoulos is Associate Professor of Computational Neuroimaging at the University of Nottingham and honorary research fellow at the FMRIB Centre, University of Oxford.

Stam’s work is at the interface of computational modelling, MRI physics and neuroscience. He has a background in computer and biomedical engineering and his expertise is in biophysical modelling of brain connections at different scales using diffusion MRI, for resolving tissue microstructural patterns and long-range connectivity. He has developed a number of algorithmic frameworks, including parametric/non-parametric approaches for estimating neuronal fibre patterns, data integration models and tractography methods. Over the last few years, he has been a major contributor to the Human Connectome Project (HCP), leading many stages of the development of optimal acquisition strategies both using 3T and 7T MRI and respective methodology for mapping brain connectivity. Stam is also a developer of the FSL neuroimaging suite (, one of the de-facto standard software packages used in the neurosciences. He is on the Editorial Board of Neuroimage, the top neuroimaging methods journal, and he is contributing to a number of large-scale connectome projects, including the ERC-funded developing HCP, the UK Biobank Imaging and the NIH-funded Lifespan HCP.

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