Ioan Notingher - Nottingham BRC

Ioan Notingher‘s research interest is the development of new optical and spectroscopic techniques for studying biological materials at a nano and micro-scale. These techniques have the potential to underpin fundamental advances in our understanding of molecular and cellular processes.

His research group develops biophotonics techniques based on Raman spectroscopy to study nanomaterials, live cells and disease diagnosis. In Raman spectroscopy, a laser is used to excite vibrations of the molecules in a sample, therefore a “molecular fingerprint” can be obtained that provides rich in information regarding composition, and structure of biomolecules in cells or molecular structure of bio-nanomaterials. Similar methods can also be used to detect molecular changes in tissues that can be either the cause or the effect of disease. The main advantage of Raman microscopy is that the information is obtained without need to damage cells or disturb their biological activity by using fluorescent labels or other contrast enhancing chemicals. Current projects range from understanding the interaction of cells with drugs, toxicity assessment, nanoscale optics and spectroscopy, tissue engineering and stem cells, diagnosis of cancer during surgery.

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