Marie Christine-Pardon - Nottingham BRC

The focus of Marie Christine-Pardon’s research is to understand the mechanisms underlying behavioural and cognitive changes relevant to psychiatric diseases, normal aging and neurodegenerative diseases, occurring as a result of exposure to stress and/or vulnerability to stressful events, with the aim to identify novel targets for therapeutic strategies. Stress is a normal part of life and the way we deal with it is crucial to the development of many mental diseases, ageing and most importantly age-related and neurodegenerative disorders, but the underlying mechanisms remain largely unknown.

Dr Pardon’s research is highly interdisciplinary and translational, combining behavioural, pharmacological, molecular and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) approaches to gain understanding on how stress influences aging and brain diseases using rodent models of these conditions, thereby providing a basis for clinical investigations and development of treatment strategies.

Research in Dr Pardon’s group focuses on the following themes: -Identifying the stress pathways involved in the progression of Alzheimer’s-like pathology that can be targeted for the development of novel treatment strategies -Understanding how the rewarding properties of the stress hormone corticosterone influence cognitive function – Modelling post-partum depression with the ultimate aim of improving our understanding of the mechanisms involved and the development of improved therapeutic strategies – Understanding how prenatal stress influences brain development and aging.

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