Martin Garnett - Nottingham BRC

Martin Garnett obtained his BSc in biochemistry at University College of Swansea (University of Wales) in 1974 and his Ph.D, based on studies on oxygen toxicity in 1981 at University College London. Martin then spent 10 years developing antibody drug conjugates in Cancer Research at Nottingham before joining the School of Pharmacy in 1991. He became Associate Professor in 2004.
Martin’s research interests include a wide range of drug delivery technologies based on polymers and nanotechnology involving both drug and nucleic acid delivery and including aspects of targeting. His research incorporates many aspects of drug delivery including assembly and characterisation of delivery systems, both the physicochemical and biological aspects. The chemical side includes polymer development and characterisation, and drug polymer interactions. The biological characterisation includes the interaction of the delivery systems with cells and tissues, the transport of nanoparticulates into and across cells and penetration in 3-dimensional cell models. Successful research projects have included:

  • The development of a monoclonal antibody-HSA-Methotrexate conjugate with high in-vitro potency and selectivity.
  • Development of self-assembling and self-crosslinking DNA and RNA delivery systems using a three component (polyamidoamine, polyamidoamine-PEG and nucleic acid) mixture. This system was successfully applied to a water tracing application.
  • Development of a new enzymically synthesised and enzymically degradable polymer with a pendant functional group (poly(glycerol-adipate) which can be functionalised with a range of moieties which has applications in many areas of drug delivery.

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