Matthew Brook - Nottingham BRC

Matthew Brook’s research is centred on the development and application of multi-modal functional brain imaging. He has worked in this field for 13 years and has published over 50 papers in leading journals.

He has a particular interest in a brain imaging modality called magnetoencephalography (MEG). MEG involves measurement of magnetic fields at the scalp surface that are generated by current flow through neuronal assemblies in the brain. Measurement and subsequent reconstruction of these magnetic fields allows generation of images showing current density in the brain, and how that current density changes when our brains undertake tasks. His most recent research has pioneered novel ways to measure brain connectivity (communication between spatially separate brain regions) via the measurement of neural oscillations (“Brain Waves”). These techniques are having significant impact in multiple clinical fields including schizophrenia and epilepsy.

Matthew collaborate widely within the UK and internationally, with, for example, active collaborations in UCL, Oxford, Cardiff, Aston and the National Institutes of Health, USA. He is an associate editor of Human Brain Mapping and on the editorial board of NeuroImage.

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