Prof Alan Johnston - Nottingham BRC

Alan Johnston has been a Professor of Psychology at the University of Nottingham since 2015, working in the field of experimental psychology and computer vision, with research expertise in motion computation and the perception, analysis and synthesis of moving faces. He has previously been Head of Department of Psychology and Director of CoMPLEX at UCL. In 2003 he discipline-hopped to the Robotics Research Group and the Centre for Mathematical Biology at the University of Oxford and has a long standing interest in interdisciplinary research and training in vision. He was one of the UCL PIs in 2020 Science, an EPSRC funded centre for postdoctoral training. He has held visiting positons at Harvard Universtiy and Université Rene Descartes and is an Honorary Professor at UCL. His research interests cover visual perception, time perception, crossmodal perception, gaze timing and dynamic face perception. He has written over 100 journal articles including 3 in Nature and 6 in Current Biology.

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