Professor Sue Francis - Nottingham BRC

Dr Sue Francis’ research has centered on developing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) methods for biomedical applications, over the last 15 years in this field. This has included the application and development of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques in neuroscience, and the development of quantitative MRI methods. She has developed/implemented arterial spin labelling (ASL) methods to measure blood flow and blood volume non-invasively in the brain. Since 2005, Sue has worked on applications of these techniques at ultra-high field (7T). She has a strong interest in fMRI and EEG/MEG correlates, with extensive collaborations and applications in high resolution fMRI, particularly to assess somatosensory and visual function, and the brain-gut interactions.

Sue is also involved in applying these techniques to the body, in particular the kidney and liver, with a programme of work in this field to assess quantitative biomarkers of disease in these organs, using the methods developed for perfusion and quantitative structural mapping. To date, she has supervised 22 PhD students since 2001 with colleagues in SPMMRC, School of Community Health Sciences, School of Psychology, and the Division of Academic Radiology and Food Sciences.

Sue has co-authored more than 100 papers, and secured external funding from Research councils (MRC, BBSRC) and industry (Mars plc., Unilever plc., SAB Miller plc., Baxter Pharmaceuticals, and Fresenius).

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