The Musculoskeletal Theme Annual Science Day Update – 14th January 2019

The Annual Science Day event on 14th January 2019 highlighted the important research being carried out for musculoskeletal diseases.

Researchers, professors and students gathered together to find out about the new advancements being made in MSK research.

Posters were set up in the School of Medicine Foyer in the Queen’s Medical Centre to present different avenues of MSK research currently being explored by various researchers.

The themed presentations occurring throughout the day explored MSK research programmes: phenotyping, metabolism, joint, brain, complex care and MSK-imaging.

A range of areas from trauma to cognitive decline were discussed in relation to MSK problems. Questions at the end of presentations allowed members of the audience to present new questions in these fields of research.

Dr Bonnie Millar emphasised the importance of “getting the right treatments to the right people”. One way this is being done is through the MSK Health and Wellbeing Cohort study, gathering a large group of participants and phenotyping them to tailor treatments to specific characteristics.

According to Prof John Gladman, patients and the members of the public are “just another member of the research team”. Patient involvement through clinical research improves the quality of the science because they help to identify priorities and give their own perspective, which is highly valued in MSK research.

Sameer Gohir points out that a big question is MSK research at the moment is the effectiveness of research, “what works, what doesn’t work and if it works, how much”. Honest feedback is a great way to show the effectiveness of the research being undertaken for MSK patients.

The Best Poster Award was given to Joanne Stocks for her research on Identifying placebo responders and predictors of response in osteoarthritis through individual patient data meta-analysis.

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