Moving healthcare forward depends on the collective expertise of a broad range of professionals, from researchers, to clinicians, scientists, leaders and innovators.

We support our staff to develop their knowledge and provide the training, skills and opportunities in a world-leading research centre. More than 300 doctors and nurses work to ensure that research and innovation are embedded in clinical practice and that our research leads to continued improvements in the quality of care.

We commit to giving all our people the opportunity to build their skills and advance their careers through ongoing professional development. We encourage them to combine research with their clinical training and practice – and to put their learning into practice to meet the healthcare challenges of today.

We will help to transform research careers by:

  • offering outstanding training to talented students
  • providing an environment which develops skilled, reflective researchers
  • builds translational research capacity through development of all staff
  • ensures we focus on training in the first translational step along the innovation pathway.